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was intoxicated when she drove her car here hitting two pedestrians, critically wounding one and seriously injuring the other. according to police, the blood alcohol was .18 and more than twice the legal limit. a few minutes in front of the judge, shamika adams, was orderd into a high-intensity supervision program. d.c. police say the 23-year-old was driving a 2007 dodge charger southbound on 18th street when she hit two women waiting to cross the street. adams continued across florida avenue where she jumped the curb and hit a tree and ended up in the front of the restaurant. she was not hurt but police say one of the pedestrians, a woman in her 20s, suffered a broken pelvis and fractured skull and serious head trauma. the second pedestrian also in her 20s, sustained fractures to her face, a broken leg and
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bleeding on the brain. >> this is crazy. i can't imagine how it happened, you know? it was a strange angle. everyone was freaked out. >> we have a fire house a block or two away and they arrived on scene quickly. they found two adult females in their 20s were struck by the vehicle. that is a serious, traumatic injury. >> reporter: in court today, adams lawyer said the 23-year- old is unemployed, having lost her human resources job last year. she lives with her mother and grandmother in prince georges county and when the attorney noted most curfews begin at 10:00 p.m., the judge said i am glad was not standing on that street last night. and it was noted by the defense attorney that adams doesn't have any prior arrests or a criminal record, no mention in court as to where she was before this wreck happened. laura? >> clearly you changed your location from outside of d.c. superior court to adams morgan and the scene of the crime.
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tell us the structure there what about the integrity of the build something. >> i have don pan here. this is the restaurant where she hit and all of this debris is what came from the front of the restaurant. it's been left here on the sidewalk. but there are two pizza places, one on either side of the restaurant and they structurally sound, apparently, because they're open today and this pizza place is open and so this one here. not too much damage. let me say that i did check with d.c. police about the of the women about an hour ago and d.c. police said they had not been given an upgraded report on the condition. one of the women, the one that was the most critically injured apparently is in grave , according to the police. laura? >> all right, we'll stay on top of that. thank you very much, paul wagner. a metro bus driver is charged with sexually assaulting a customer. met reports the driver is 59-
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year-old thanuel kingston. a woman claims he sexually assaulted her on august 27th. he's a cub con-- subcontractor for a company that provides service for disabled or handicapped passengers. several pets trapped in a burning townhome. the firefighters were able to save them. no one was hurt but five townhouse were damaged. five more days until a d.c. primary and a new poll out shows gray leading fenty by 11 points in the race for mayor and that comes as allegations of buying votes are made against the fenty campaign. mayor fenty said no one in his campaign has been identified by the people making the allegations. the gray campaign has asked for an investigation. matt ackland is here with more. >> reporter: the mayor came out fighting against the allegations made by two people spoke to today saying a person representing the fenty campaign offered them jobs if they would vote for fenty first. the mayor said so far he sees
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no proof. rudolph williams said he was approached by who he thought was a fenty campaign worker who offered him a temporary job working for the campaign if he would first vote for fenty. he claims they offered him a ride to register and vote early. >> they told us we had to vote because that is the application. >> to get the job. >> you wouldn't get a job unless you voted. >> right. >> several days later when he thought he was supposed to start the job, he claims there was no employment as promised and so, he said, he called fenty's campaign office. >> when i called, i was upset that they promised us jobs and didn't give us jobs. >> reporter: today, the mayor shade away from will gal -- from the allegations saying so far there is no proof. >> until someone get -- gives a specific name, let's talk about the issues. >> reporter: he points out all of his campaign employees know better. >> this is an unspecific
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allegation and no one has given us any name of anyone who did this. we do the training of all the people. >> and can you give a description of the van or person? >> i can give you the description of the van, which is a white van that has green stickers on it saying fenty on it. >> reporter: what about a name of a person work something. >> i don't know the 97. person working. >> reporter: chairman gray is asking for a full investigation into these allegations. >> there are few things that are more sacred than the voting process, and we want to make sure that this is preserved in the city. >> reporter: also, the board of elections and ethics is taking a close look at the case. >> i can't speak to how we will handle the investigations. we'll refer those to the authorities and this is the federal election, federal laws do apply. >> reporter: williams said he didn't speak out in hopes of getting someone in trouble. he just was hoping for a job he was promised. >> i just thought we were misled and wrong and that was it. >> reporter: by the way, we did
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peek to the other person by phone today. she's a friend of rudolph williams and told us a similar story claiming she was promised to be paid if she voted for fenty, maureen. >> federal elections, federal laws apply. what is the penalty for vote buying? i would imagine it's serious. >> reporter: you're right, it's a federal offense if someone is found and found guilty, they could face a $10,000 fine. we'll keep you updated on this one. >> we know you will. thank you for that. do you think d.c. is better off today than it was four years ago? we want to know what you think. go to and take our web poll. we're going to bring you the results tonight on fox 5 news at 10. and a teenager gunned down in the street died. tonight, his grieving family is looking for answers. the 15-year-old was shot tuesday night on busy central avenue and died yesterday. sherri ly has more on that. >> reporter: justin pinole called his family 30 minutes before being shot and said he was on the way home. they didn't learn about the shooting until the next morning. by the time the family got to
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the hospital, he was in a coma and hours later he died. justin had a lost friends. here he is on his myspace page, a freshman at central high school. hundreds of people joined leaving heartbroken messages, west in -- rest in peace and mess you. that is why his murder seems senseless. >> anything you needed, he would do for you and you get on his nerves -- [ indiscernible ] >> and that is my ace. they took my brother from he. >> reporter: his sister said he had a knack for fixing broken bikes. the 15-year-old was riding his bicycle home when he called home around 8:30 and that was the last time the family heard from him. >> i asked him, you want me to pick up? no, i got my motorcycle as he always did. >> reporter: justin made it within a block at home near
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cindy lane when he was shot. the family said the bike and an ipod were stolen. the police still have no motive. >> at this time, we don't know what happened. we're trying to figure out if the victim was involved in an altercation of some sort. there is no indication of an altercation. >> reporter: what investigators need are witnesses and they having trouble. >> and we're sure there were people on the scene who saw what happened. we hope they will call and give us the information. >> reporter: he loved playing football and basketball search that people called him little lebron. the sister doesn't know what her brother could do to deserve this. >> if you have a heart, turn yourself in. [ indiscernible ] you hurt my little brother, man. you hurt my brother. >> reporter: three years ago, annan-year-old who lives on the same street as justin was shot
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and killed in the robbery but police say the two cases don't appear to be connected. >> what kind of leads to doinvestigators have on this? >> reporter: right now, investigators don't have a lot of witnesses or leads and it doesn't appear that any money was stolen because the family said he didn't carry a wallet. if police can find the bike, that might be a key piece of evidence. justin's family said it was yellow with blue handlebars and blue trim around the tires, a bike he fixed up himself. >> thank you. a huge new development. this is breaking news that involves that planned kro, an burning in florida. the pastor cancelled the event. the fbi visited reverend terry jones for a second time today, though no one will discuss what happened. meanwhile, president obama added his voice to those calling on the pastor to change his mind, saying the plan was contrary to american values and also, interpol has had -- had issued a report to 188
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countries and warning them there could be retaliation for the event. it has been called off. we'll have more on the news edge at 6. the countdown to kickoff is on and we're hearing from clinton portis, his days before the big game is next. giant snails made it from africa and the u.s. they didn't make it at customs. what happened at dulles coming up. and that is way too much escargo. we finally got cooler weather in here and we could still use some rain and what about the weekend forecast and&tropical storm igor. we have lots to talk about and changes coming up later. laura. never too much escargot, sue. [ laughter ] >> and coop it here, fox 5 news at 5 is getting started. go t
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>> a scare for tom brady and the new england patriots. he went to a boston hospital after a car accident near his home. the witness said he was approaching an intersection with a green light when his black audi collided with a mini van. a passenger was treated at the hospital and brady was shaken up but he did practice with the team a few hours later. and this -- just three days until the redskins kick off the season and starting off big against the cowboys in primetime. one player who kept a low profile and the preseason is expecting big things and dave ross is here with the story. >> reporter: they don't go hand- in-hand. with that hainesworth fella taking up the majority, ct has been able to go about about the business in relative obscurity, which is fine with him. last year was the year to get for him and he sufferd this concussion in week 9 against the falcons and never played
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another down all season long. he's raring to go with a new staff and offense and new outlook. he's ready to lead by example. >> i go out and play my game, you know and having something to prove and i -- the world i'm capable of doing and i have to go out and find a way to -- lead us to victory. >> victories were hard to come by and skins were 0-6 against the division rivals and this gave dallas a 7-6 victory and with that rematch, not better. the cowboys completed the sweep with a 17-0 victory and what is past is past and send should be different. >> that will be good to get a
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victory. i don't think -- in the division has anything to do with this and this is a different team and organization. >> it's a new redskin era and there is a new team, new regime i'm and they're going to bring it as well. fans, stay tuned. and we know the -- for now, donovan mcnabb will represent the o, london fletcher speaks for the d and lorenzo al,ender -- alexander is named the special teams captain. they're subject to change. >> and okay, mr. trader. >> yeah. >> mr. cowboys fan. >> uh. >> thanks for calling me out to d.c. >> and basea what -- on what you saw. yeah. >> what is your prediction for the game? >> i think it should be a close guy. i think brian ralph giacobbe ho could have a huge impact. -- brian arapaho could have a huge impact. i'm not picking the game as a journalist who is going to stay objective. >> objective? >> yeah. >> all right, feldy. and thank you very much.
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>> thank you. political pundits argue the economy is the driving force behind the elects: president obama is leading the charge of several new economic initiatives. craig bosswell reports on some good news that might be hitting in time for the democrats. >> reporter: the white house said that jobs and the economy are the top items on president obama's agenda. >> reporter: expect that -- . >> i expect that will be the focus of his opening works in tomorrow's press conference and throughout next week as well. >> reporter: the face-to-face with reporters can'ts a week of speeches centered around more than $250 billion in new infrastructure spending and tax breaks for businesses. republicans say democrats are scurrying for last-minute ideas to fight falling poll numbers and the possibility of losing control of the house in november . >> if all of that netted out exactly as it was portrayed in the polls, the republicans would gain in those seats
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alone, a net of 34 of the 39 seats needed to win control. >> reporter: in cleveland yesterday, mr. obama called out- term shenanigans. >> the easiest thing for the other side to do is to ride this to election day. >> reporter: the labor department said first time jobless claims dropped to 451,000, down 27,000 is at the lowest level in two months; however, the leave all unemployment rate is hovering near the double-digit range. >> i think we're in a stumbling recovery here where you're not going to have job growth and uncertainty. that might be true no matter what the government does. >> reporter: president obama will headline at lost 4 major rallies in wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio and nevada before the vote. and president obama's press conference tomorrow is the first q&a with reportersness is may and it starts at 11 a.m. caught on camera, this
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tornado tearing through the city of dallas. look at this video. it touched down in an industrial area on the west side of dallas and the officer's on several warehouses collapsed and no one was hurt and this is from the remnants of tropical storm hermine. in the d.c. area, it's under a drought watch and the drought coordination committee of the metropolitan council of government is calling on everyone to conserve water and they asking you to limit how much you water the lawn to use a commercial car wash that recycles water and reduces showers to under five minutes. rain, perhaps in the forecast. we're going to check in with sue and when? >> probably not enough. i think the timing on it would be late saturday into the first half of sunday and i am thinking that it's going to be
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showers and believe yet or not, a tropical connection and some of that rain, the flooding was a bigger problem with it, some of the rain is heading in our way in the weekend. we've gone 18 days with no measurable rain at reagan national and we're starting to get dry out there. the drought watch, the drought monitor has us abnormally dry and most has been since the second half of august and we're running an inch below normal and one thing that helped is it's cooled off a lot and we're not draining the group as fast as we have been and shower activity to the west. you can see the remnants of hermine and meanwhile, it's 80 degrees. not 96 like it was yesterday and in the low 70s to the west and finding 60s to the north
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and west and having a lovely evening. still breed breezy, continueing to the evening hours. 66 by 9, 62 at 11 and more on the weekend forecast. not forecast to stay that way for long. more is coming up. >> all right, see you then. the u.s. post office on massachusetts avenue northeast could be named after dr. he'd. it's to be proposed next week. norton said it's time to put her name on a significant building in the district. who hasn't been there, having a nice night out and enjoying the meal and the kids on the table next to you is not making it easy. >> could the trend of pulling the plug on screaming kids catch on? and if you try to start a family, one bad habit could keep you from conceiving. the story every man needs to hear. that is next. 
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>> a fox 5 health alert tonight, another reason to make sure your kids are getting enough sleep. a new study finds infants and young children may be at higher risk for obeseity and researchers say the children had a higher body mass index. the researchers warn daytime rest is not a substitute for the amount of sleep children need at night. two new studies link smoking with decreased fertility in men and women and their children. the scientists in germany found that men who smoke have lower levels of a chemical that can affect male fertility. in the second study, researchers found that prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke could damage the fertility of the developing embryo. both studies were published online. both smokers know the health risk but quits is a tough challenge. a new study shows how hard being addiction can be. each year, more than 40% of
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smokers try to stop smoking and less than 5% succeed in quitting for three months or more and even more alarming, types aren't getting the mess -- teens aren't getting the message of the dangers of smoking, puffing away at the same rate as adults. if you're trying to quit, ask your doctor for the best strategy for you. >> people smoke for a variety of reasons and that is -- really the best way to get at what is right for a particular person on how to quit smoking is going to be look at that individual. >> and quitting smoking can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 50%. after a body year and state smoke free for three years and it's as if you never smoked at all. confiscated by customs, deemed too dangerous to enter the u.s. >> we have the scoop on what one passenger tried to smuggle through dulles next. and ending what secret service agents found and don't miss what police found inside a hotel room when they finally caught their man. you want to go green and
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think it's too expensive? a local business is helping consumers buy things that are good for the environment and for their wallet. it's time for a mayor who will end the cronyism and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership
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and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans.
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my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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>> to some, they a delicacy, to others, they're a slimy pest and then there are these snails that grow to be eight inches, so big the word giant is in their name. we're telling you about them because someone tried to sneak them into this country. they not native to the united states and so as beth parker shows us, it was an unusual find for customs agents at dulles. >> reporter: how would you like to sit next to these guys on an international flight? they giant african snails. >> and that is not every day. >> reporter: and frame came in and at first the female
5:31 pm
passenger said she had nothing to declare. and gave them an opportunity to declare that verbally. >> reporter: kevin holmes works for u.s. customs and border protection, the chief agriculture specialist and said they seek snails from time to time. >> a lot of times they have been boiled or cooked and out of the shell. this time, they were alive and in the shell. >> reporter: this time, they were wrapped in a plastic bag and most of the snails survived. >> the resilience, yes. >> reporter: customs wants to keep them out of the united states because they known to cause economic damage. they destroy crops. in fact, they eat more than 500 different types of plants. >> and they do feed on pear, papaya, lettuce, cabbages and. >> reporter: he said they were destroyed on a busy day. they routinely seize food and plants. >> and we take it seriously
5:32 pm
that is why we here. >> he thinks people may not realize what they pack in their suitcase could pose a danger to others. beth parker, folk 5 news. >> and in case you're considering going this, you can be soothed for failing to declare prohibited items and it can be as much as $1,000. and still inching. police stumble -- still itches. police claim they busted an organized crime rate and the secret service is taking charge of this case and here's more. >> reporter: hotel guests were there when officers moved in. >> the police open the door and rush in. he was giving them a hard time and making noise. >> reporter: investigators were
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looking for holloway on an outstanding warrant and they tracked him to this howard johnson's inn. the detectives say they could smell marijuana in the room. >> and once the smoke cleared, investigators realized they found something more sinister. >> that disturbs me a bit. >> reporter: the secret service was called in to investigate what appeared to be an organized identity theft organization. they found four laptops used to file fake returns and found a stack. >> if you don't have a account for them to direct deposit the refund to, they will send you a vise-debit card. >> reporter: the special agents don't believe that they hacked in but obtained a list of personal information to feel
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bogus returns. it could tell investigators how extensive the crime ring is. >> and what i find disturbing is the tampa police happened on this. this is not something we new knew about and how many many other people are doing this? >> reporter: police arrested five men in the case and say that all five are felons with long rap sheets. what would you do if the nation's capitol came urn attack? there was an effort to make sure the businesses had a plan. the idea is to get people prepared for how to handle situations before the help arrives. federal funding of stem cell research can continue for now and a judge ruled against the funding calling it unconstitutional. the ruling threw labs across the country into limbo unable to see critical research.
5:35 pm
there are 22 studies nationwide. the u.s. department of education selected a d.c. high school as one of the 2010 blue ribbon schools. arne duncan made that now. at the school in northwest today. 304 schools received the honor and including 9 in virginia. they recognize school where students achieve at high levels or schools making significant progress in closing the gaps in achievement. >> no excuses, the high expectations and many schools are working in tough communities and you're overcoming the challenges because you believe in students and their potential to do extraordinarily well academically. >> go to and click on web links to see more. seems some fans can't get enough of "american idol" runner-up crystal bowersox. >> she is a victim of identity theft. what is being done to curb the
5:36 pm
crime in 15 minutes. plus, if you have had a tough time getting through a meal in a crowded restaurant, this is for you. the owners are pulling the plug on screaming kids. next. 
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>> a wedding in taiwan is about celebrating the number 9. 163 couples exchanged wedding rings and kissed at 9 minutes past 9 yesterday and many believe that september 9th of the chinese year 99 carries special significance for lovers and presents the 99th year of the republic of china. a contentious battle is brewing between the owner of a restaurant in north carolina and the mother of an autistic child and it started when the restaurant owner posted a sign
5:40 pm
that reads: screaming children will not be tolerated ." the mother took offense and saying it singled out autistic which were. she believes it's illegal and violates the americans with disabilities act. the restaurant owner said she has no plans to take down the sign. and lower temperatures on tap for most of the region. >> will the cooler weather be stick around? >> changes could be coming for the weekend. sue's standing by with the full forecast next. 
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>> winds are picking up near boulder, colorado where wildfires are burning out of control at this hour. the firefighters fear they will spread the flames that have destroyed 169 houses.
5:44 pm
authorities had allowed a few people into the homes to see what was left and ordered them out sooner than expected because of the danger. alicia acuna has more from boulder. >> stood on this fire and watched firefighters save their neighbor's home and watched theirs go up and -- that is pretty damn hard. >> reporter: emotions running high as folks in boulder witness massive wildfires. this man finding out his home didn't escape the flames. >> it was standing yesterday and it's destroyed. gone. >> reporter: the waiting game might be longer for other home owners. >> all we wanted was information, better information. >> reporter: some 3500 people were forced to evacuate about 1,000 homes. the fires are scorching 10 square acres of land and officials are calling this the most destructive fire in this stat's history. cooler temperatures wednesday allowed 500 firefighters to get
5:45 pm
to work and used air tankers. >> they want to make sure they can get as much in there and water in there to ensure that is going to hold and that the winds report a factor. >> reporter: there is more work that needs to be done and those officials are urging people to be patient. >> reporter: understand that people are angry and thaanxious, they want information, they want to go home. we absolutely totally under-- absolutely totally understand that. >> fema is reimbursing metro $1.76 million to cover some snow removal costs. the federal agency has given metro 1 million for the december storm and metro said the storms cost more than $1.5 million millions more in lost revenue. >> those are expensive storms.
5:46 pm
>> you remember when we were covered in storm? i know. >> and when i look at the pictures, they're still surreal. >> yeah. >> and they are. >> i know it was frightening for everyone and it was exciting. >> i'll bet. >> think and i don't think we're going to see a winter again. >> hallelujah. >> and that is unbelievable. >> next baby boom is coming up, too. >> i know. >> that will be interesting to watch. >> and the temperature was beautiful. >> and got to turn off the air conditioner. >> exactly. >> you feel like fall is going to happen. >> yeah. >> and you're reminded on a day like this how fantastic all the seasons are. >> yeah. >> and we get all four, for sure and sometimes on the hot side and snowy side but a beautiful day and that is going to be crystal clear through the rest of the evening and a bit of a breeze out there and blowing the dust and ragweed around. a lot of you might find you have a scratchy snow or -- throat or are sneezing a lot
5:47 pm
and what a pretty shot and on to the weather maps and talking about the weather headlines, it's going to be cool and the feel of fall in the air into the 50s and some upper 40s to the north and west. igor, our most recent tropical storm weekend withs 5:00 update to a tropical depression, forecast to become a hurricane, though, before the weekend is out and we need to continue to watch that and we finally have rain in the forecast and that looks like it's overnight saturday and into sunday morning. it will be long gone by the time the skins and cueboys hit fed ex on send night is. 73 degrees is where we are in gaithersburg; dulles, 78; culpeper warm at 84 and d.c. up to ate degrees and above. we'll cool off as we go through the overnight hours and to 49 potentially in martinsburg; 50,
5:48 pm
frederick; 57, alexandrea and baltimore. the forecast here, dradropping to 58 degrees and closer to the low 60s and we'll be clear and cool and last night. the northwest breeze continues and have what we call a tight pressure gradient, high pressure from the west and the departing area of low pressure to the northeast and tomorrow will be like today, an outstanding friday and on the breezy side still, the temperature up is to to 78 degrees and supercomfortable. we headline the fact that it's cool in the morning. 59 degrees at the bus stop for the kids. by noon, 72; by 4:00, 75 degrees and again, we think the high temperature tomorrow about 78 degrees. a little bit of cloud cover building up especially to the north and east and you get the hot sun and cooler air. this is one of the areas of low pressure that is giving us our breeze today. the cloud his a hard time getting to d.c. and that is
5:49 pm
cloudy through pennsylvania and northern maryland than we had and this is what is left of the huge tropical moisture that hit texas and oklahoma, and spinning in the outer bands. that is the remnants of hermine and into the weekend, another cold front is going to come down out of the northern plains and what is left of the moisture will get caught up and take you into the future here with max hd future cast. watch the timer and i will step back so you can this make progress and friday looks fantastic. we won't see much in the way of cloud cover and saturday evening, we'll start to see some clouds south and west virginia and a sunny day for most of us and looks like it comes through in the early morning hours and off the coast by 2 and if you have outdoor plans, daylight hours are fine and that is a convenient overnight rain and showers that may last into the noon hours
5:50 pm
and quickly clearing on up. we're excited we think that the redskins will have a descent day. 80 for saturday and on sunday, overnight showers into that first part of sunday. nice to have the comfortable temperatures on the map, 78 degrees tomorrow and on saturday, 80 and you will notice it being more humid on saturday and that is because the warm front is coming through. we dry out and get to the sunshine on monday and tuesday and i'm not thinking this is a lot of rain but will settle the dust and keep things moving for a nice, fun weekend. >> thank you, sue. and safeway returns to falls church. it opened the stores today. >> and with more than 58,000 square feet with a dry cleaning service and coffee shop and bakery, the store brings 150 jobs to falls church. a lot of people would like to go green. finding ecofriendly products can be a challenge.
5:51 pm
melanie alnwick had -- found a way to go green. >> reporter: there is an organization that started in d.c., called live green. members get great deals and businesses get great customers. >> reporter: inside her. >> this is an outdoor solar lamp. >> pretty. >> uh. >> reporter: there is a store full of green products. >> water bottles, lunch bags and this is stuff that helps you reduce the impact overall. >> reporter: they can reduce the impact if they belong to the organization live green. >> we offer discounts for cleaning products and personal products and soaps, detergents for all members of at least 10%. >> reporter: live green was founded by steve ma in 2008 as a way to support fledgling green businesses sprouting up in the city. now? those businesses are growing expanding, we're growing and
5:52 pm
have hired full-time staff. we're creating green jobs in this tough economy. >> reporter: there are 50 green spot businesses offering the member discounts. he said that they check out the companies and focus on businesses offering practical products and competitive prices. >> the point is green living is important but we want to make it easier for people to choose green options. >> take a nice deep breath for me. >> reporter: this is another deal. north to 70% off of ecofriendly services and the massage in dupont circle is this week's deal. >> it's crazy and i'm shocked. i think we're booked for the weekend. >> and she uses organic oils, efficient lighting and green cleaning. greenbacks is giving her new business a boost. >> and that is going to bring people in and they going to see the amazing work and we're going to come back.
5:53 pm
>> and that is how the whole circle of support is supposed to work. >> reporter: has over 5,000 supporters in d.c. and hope to expand and the organization recently expanded to chicago and there is a lot of businesses here. and this seems like it would catch on like wildfire. >> and that is one of the things of getting the message out and like we said, everyone wants to do this and we think there are many barriers to it. >> the surprise, you want to shop green and seems expensive. how can they make that more pat atable to go to and not concerned about living a green life. >> and that is in -- . yeah. >> a discount is a discount and if there is a coffee shop, it's great. you don't have to be a member of the organization to take advantage of the -- . >> oh. green backs deal and you get a better discount.
5:54 pm
>> and that is good to know. >> uh. curiosity about crystal bowersox has passea -- cost two ohio workers their job. the columbus dispatch said employees of five police agencies, a humanical court and dmv used computers inaccurately to access confidential records of her. since then, a court employee resigned, a dmv worker was fired and bowersox said she's disgusted but doesn't plan to sue. a 40th anniversary celebration for a show that spotlighted some of music's the grammy museum in l.a. honored soul train as a groundbreaking show and the create ort and a few artists appeared at yesterday's registration. cornelius hosted the show for 35 years and credits guests like the jackson 5, james brown and aretha franklin for much of the show's success.
5:55 pm
the show trader 1971 to 2006, making it the longest continuously-running first-run syndicated program in history. >> and a mouthful to say. >> who knew. >> i know. >> and that is good cocktail talk. >> sure is. let's go to brian bolter with a look at what is next on the news edge. >> jody watley looked great? >> she did. a controversy gaping worldwide attention. a florida pastor's plan to hold acur apburning has -- koran burning cooled off. and they were detained after accidentally crossing the border into iran and more than a year later, one of the american hikers is coming home. and it's carried by a lot of people riding metro. why the transit system is doing an about-face after agreeing to slash the price of the smart trip card. 
5:56 pm
no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities.
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we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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♪ it's finally ready. [ female announcer ] just because a counter looks clean, doesn't mean it is clean. but with one sheet of bounty, you'll have confidence in your clean. in this lab test, just one sheet of bounty leaves this surface three times cleaner than the bargain brands. want confidence that your surfaces can get really clean? even with just one sheet? bring it. super durable... super absorbent... super clean. bounty. the clean picker upper. and for huge value? try bounty huge roll. >> a massachusetts man lost the
5:59 pm
race to get his expecting wife to the hospital. he was getting ready for his first day as an elementary school principal. before he could get out the door, the wife had contractions and they raced to the hospital but quickly realized their baby girl didn't want it to wait. he pulled over in the breakdown lane. >> i ran to the back of the car and got a blanket. my wife was in the front seat and she said i'm ready to push and she started pushing. i think i was on the phone at the same time and i remember throwing the phone as the baby's head came out. >> and we're happy to say little kathy there, mom and dad are all doing well tonight. >> he's going to have stories to tell. >> you almost had a story to tell. >> i do. >> and you stepped in for me. >> and -- >> thanks for joining us

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